Newmarket Osteopathic Clinic
18 Park Lane
Newmarket, CB8 8AX
tel: 01638 667282
We are open for appointments. For treatment or advice call today on 01638 667282

What do we treat?

Here at the Newmarket Osteopathic Clinic we treat a wide range of conditions. Age is no barrier, the youngest patient I have treated was 6 weeks old and the oldest 99 years old!

Please remember with all physical ailments it is important to seek advice and treatment within a few days. This will ensure a faster rate of recovery and reduce the likelihood of the condition becoming long term and "chronic". Improvement with treatment should occur quite quickly in most cases. Should this not happen I will advise which route to take next eg: referral to another healthcare practitioner/hospital, consultant/MRI scan etc.

Please see the menu on the left for more specific information about what we treat.