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Trapped nerves

Symptoms of nerve compression are often associated with low back or neck pain. These symptoms manifest as pain, pins and needles, numbness or muscle weakness usually radiating into a limb. If in the leg or foot it is usually termed "sciatica". In the arm it can be called "brachialgia" or "brachial neuritis". A very common cause for this is a "prolapsed disc" - often referred to as a "slipped disc"- in the neck or lumbar spine.

The term "referred pain" is used when pain is felt in another area of the body remote from the region where the pain stimulus originates ie: it is nerve "irritation" rather than "compression".

Stephen Gold at the Newmarket Osteopathic Clinic has a good success rate dealing with these sorts of conditions.
Osteopathic manipulation will help to resolve the problem more quickly than if left to nature alone. Low level laser therapy will often be used to reduce inflammation. In more severe cases or those which are not improving, referral to another specialist and most likely, an MRI scan, will be recommended.

Please also see "How we Treat".