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Neck pain

Osteopathic manipulation is an effective and proven treatment for neck pain. With over 30 years experience Stephen Gold has dealt with many neck related conditions.

As with low back pain, causes are often mechanical or traumatic eg falls, car accidents (whiplash), waking with a "cricked" neck, sports injuries etc. Over 50% of workers now use a computer regularly for long hours and this often generates considerable muscular pain in the neck, shoulder girdle and sometimes the arm. This may be called "repetitive strain injury" or RSI.

As well as using osteopathic treatment, Stephen will discuss ways to improve the ergomomic setup of your work station if necessary. "Text neck" is increasingly common - our heads weigh between 10lbs and 12lbs but as we angle them down the effective weight goes up causing increased strain on our necks. Stress and anxiety often cause or exacerbate neck pain.

If Stephen feels that this state is the main "pain-driver", he may refer you to one of our counsellors who also work at the Newmarket Osteopathic Clinic (see About Us).

Please also see "How we Treat".