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Lower limb (leg) pain

In addition to that which is related to low back pain, Stephen Gold at the Newmarket Osteopathic Clinic is often consulted about other leg conditions - careful and logical examination by an experienced osteopath is needed to see "the wood from the trees".

Stephen has successfully treated many thigh and leg muscle "pulls" with osteopathy, laser and ultrasound therapy - also sprains and strains of the hip, knee, ankle and foot joints. Problems with these joints are often related to a sporting injury or "wear and tear" and arthritic conditions. It is important to assess foot shape and function as biomechanical problems here will often lead to pain higher up the limb eg around the knee and hip and quite possibly lead to low back pain and postural compensation problems.

Again the need for experienced assessment is paramount. Sometimes, Stephen will prescribe the use of a simple "orthotic" but if necessary, a referral to a podiatrist or consultant specialist will be recommended if he believes that this is necessary.

Please also see "How we Treat".