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Head and Face pain

Back and neck pain can often lead to pain in the face or head. It may be accompanied by giddiness/dizziness, feelings of being "spaced out" or light-headed, tiredness and nausea. Face pain can also be due to sinus or dental problems. As headaches can be "multifactorial" in origin, it is important that you seek the help of an experienced practitioner to ascertain whether the symptoms are solely related to a spinal or neck complaint.

With his experience, Stephen Gold is able to ask the relevant questions and perform clinical tests to "screen out" more serious causes of head pain and if he thinks there is a possibility that this is the case, he will advise you where to go next. If, however, the diagnosis is "tension type headache" or "cervico-genic headache" then osteopathic treatment from Stephen can be very helpful.

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