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Degenerative/arthritic conditions

As we are all living longer, it is inevitable that we will all, at some stage, suffer the effects of "wear and tear" resulting in pain, stiffness and disability. Although irreversible, these conditions can often be helped and thus improve "quality of life".

Osteopathic assessment and treatment from an experienced practitioner can provide this help, especially if the conditions are not too severe and Stephen Gold has spent much of his working life doing just this! Spondylosis of the lumbar and cervical spine, whereby the discs and joints become worn and uncomfortable are conditions he treats regularly.

A more advanced state of wear and tear can result in the spinal nerve channels becoming narrower. In the lower lumbar spine, this will result in a typical picture of a person having back and leg pain whilst walking and standing but obtaining relief with sitting - a condition known as "spinal stenosis". Stephen has found on many occasions, even this, can be relieved with gentle manipulation combined with traction, massage and laser therapy. If treatment is not helpful, an MRI scan is usually required to determine the next course of action and he will advise of this if necessary.

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