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Low back / Upper back pain

80% of us will suffer from back pain at some stage during our lives. 90% of this is described as "non-specific mechanical pain" by the medical profession. However, careful assessment by an experienced osteopath such as Stephen Gold at the Newmarket Osteopathic Clinic, will often highlight a more specific reason for your pain.

There are many reasons why back pain is so common:

  • Specific injuries
  • Occupational/work related eg repetitive movements - lifting/twisting/factory work etc.
  • Recreational - related to sport, hobbies, gardening etc
  • Sedentary work - office workers and drivers endure ongoing compressive forces on their spines resulting in a slow build up of pain.
  • Age related conditions - degenerative, arthritic or rheumatic in nature.
  • Developmental/postural problems.Back pain related to pregnancy and after childbirth.

All of the above are commonly seen by us here at the Newmarket Osteopathic Clinic. Seeking advice and treatment early is very important. Stephen will use a variety of osteopathic techniques (see How we Treat) to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. He will also discuss ways in which further trouble can hopefully be avoided by giving workplace or postural advice for example and often, he will prescribe exercises.

There is now good statistical evidence to support the fact that osteopathic treatment significantly reduces low back pain [1]. For those who have developed a history of low back pain, there is also good evidence to suggest that the use of maintenance or preventative treatment in osteopathic practise results in significant reductions in pain and disability on a longer term basis [2].

Please also see "How we Treat".